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Why Buy Direct from Able Garage Doors Inc?
Here are the top 5 reasons why...

1.)  Professional Models
2.) T-Rails come in one solid piece rather than the 3-piece rails you receive when      purchasing through your local home center 
3.) Better quality 
4.) Increased durability
5.) 1 year warranty upon completion of installation.  

Lift-Master Model 8365 

Best-Selling Drive System Ever!

1/2 HP -  Chain Drive Comes with 2 remotes, Wall Button, Safety Eyes
Keyless Entry System Included
Lift-Master Model 8355W

1/2 HP - Belt Drive
Fully Equipped with Wi-Fi, MyQ Technology & Security 2.0
Comes with 2 remotes

Lift-Master Model 8355(No Wi-Fi)

1/2 HP - Belt Drive 
Equipped with MyQ Technology & Security 2.0
Comes with 2 remotes



Lift-Master Model 8550W

Security+ 2.0 - MyQ Technology
Battery Backup
Timer-to-Close Feature
Wi-Fi Connectivity
Comes with 2 remotes and a keypad

Lift-Master Model 8500 

Wall-Mounted - Space Saving Design
Frees Up Ceiling Space
Security+ 2.0 Technology - MyQ Technology
Comes with 2 remotes
Timer-to-Close Feature

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